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One of my biggest projects is The Youth News Foundation and the Childrenscorrespondents. I help to reach our goals in every means possible. From a personal commitment, but also as a specialist in communicatons and PR. We work in projects, brainstorms, events and with all the love we have for we need to Team up with the Youth! 

The Youth News Foundation

Team up with The YouthChildren and teenagers look at the world from a very different perspective than adults. They have their own unique thoughts, views and opinions. Adults can learn from their brightness, curiosity, honesty, humour, playfulness, positivity, seriousness and spontaneity. A third of the world’s population is under 18. They are a very important part of society. Every day we see children in the media, but seldom or never do they tell their own story. These young voices must be heard.

The Youth News Foundation was founded in 2015 by Dutch journalist Tako Rietveld. After working as a presenter and reporter for the Dutch National Children’s News for over ten years, he felt the need to give children across the world a voice. ‘Children proved to me that they have much more to say then most adults think. They inspire me, make me laugh and think. They know how the world should be. We can learn from them. Listen!‘

The Youth News Foundation has an international network of professional journalists working with youth. We call them The Youth Correspondents. They are trained, qualified and certified journalists who make professional reports with children and teenagers. We work together with 60 journalists in 30 different country’s. They are our reporters, educators and figureheads. The goal is to have a The Youth Correspondent in every country of the world, so every story can be told.

The Youth News Foundation has an alliange with The Learining for Wellbeing Foundation and the Uni-One Foundation who both have the vision that every person should be able to develop and explore his/hers unique potential. Thats why I also support these foundations from my professional and personal commitment to these goals.

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